History of Linndhu House

Linndhu has a special place in the history and hearts of local people on the island. Built in the early 1900s for the Allan family, it was originally the Dower House to the very grand Aros Estate which was sadly demolished in 1959. Evidence of this once thriving estate and walled garden can still be found today. The Allan Shipping Line, founded in 1819 by Captain Alexander (Sandy) Allan incidentally a first cousin of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns became one of the biggest shipping lines in the 1800s. The second of his five sons, Hugh Allan grew the business in Canada and the firm became a major mode of sea transport for Scottish families emigrating to Canada.

Captain Bryce Allan, the middle of the five sons and a partner in the business eventually bought Aros House near Tobermory in 1874 which in turn led to the Dower House, Linndhu coming into existence at the turn of the century under the ownership of his son, Alexander Allan (1844-1927). Alexander Allan was a great benefactor and he and his family are fondly remembered by the people of Mull and particularly Tobermory to this day. Linndhu House remained within the Allan family right up until the 1960s.